Vapesoul, a brand of Itsuwa

We feel a need, a need to feel happy !

An old saying that life is built on 90% of daily issues and 10% of true happiness. As we live in a world full of challenge, we always need to be strong inside and face the problems face the reality, meanwhile we still need to find a way to live a happy life , release yourself & enjoy the life.


Laugh with your eyes, hug with your heart, love with your spirit and smile with your soul.


Vapesoul follows these beliefs firmly and it is the driving force and fundament that makes Vapesoul bends itself to innovate and develop awesome product: awesome design, advancing technology, great user experience.  Vapesoul drives the spirit of strong , decent, integrity and joyful.

Our product aims to turn the 10% of happiness into 100%, Vaping with Vapesoul releases stresses from all aspects!

Providing you with pure pleasure & let your soul smile.. 



Provide you the best vaping experiences.
Product information

So we have enough capacity to deliver product to touch your SOUL.

  • Disposable Vape
  • Pod-System Vape